Hospital Cost Report Data, Made Easy

We process the data
You do the analysis

Are you a researcher or financial analyst looking for an easier way to access and use hospital cost report data?

At, we take public cost report data from the CMS Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS), process it into Panel datasets, and add key metrics.

Download a documentation zip file that provides a list of processed variables and formulas, plus CMS worksheets.

Register for free to download a limited dataset

Or subscribe to download one of hundreds of full Panel datasets, or select a customized set of records.


Key Metrics

Interested in analyzing profitability or other ratios, but not sure what fields to use? We calculate operating margins, total margins, occupancy, cost-to-charge ratios, and many other key metrics for you.


Each variable is labeled and documented. We show you where each variable comes from in the cost reports, and exactly how we calculate each of our key metrics.

Standardized Time Periods

Subscribers have the option of downloading datasets that represent calendar years (January-December), or federal fiscal years (October-September).

Data Errors, Detected and Corrected

Hospitals sometimes submit data that are clearly erroneous. We apply an automated error detection and correction algorithm. Subscribers can choose to download corrected datasets, or uncorrected.


Not interested in individual hospitals, but interested in regional or national trends? Subscribers can download datasets aggregated geographically, either at the county-, metro-, state-, or national-level.